Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cosy places

So...I have succumbed and finally started a blog. Not that I necessarily think I have a whole lot to put in it, to be fair; it's just one of those things that's been lurking around in the back of my mind for a while. Since my brain ceased proper functioning 4 years ago with the birth of Mr 4 years old, I also figure that it can't hurt to have some online repository for ideas and inspiration I find during blog-trawling escapism.

Anyway...(and this feels kinda weird and narcissistic, since I don't actually think anyone's reading this ;-) I'll introduce myself., um, myself. Mum of two little boys, aged 4 and nearly 2, who crafts for the sake of making something that isn't a pile of laundry or dishes. An eternal starter-of-projects. Endlessly over-ambitious about how many things I can do with the limited craft-time available. Stash hoarder extraordinaire. Likes to fondle fabrics and yarn. Potentially gets greater joy from having fabric than using it. Am working on fixing that last one; hence the blog.

And since I only tend to go back to blogs with pictures, I'll end this with one. Of a cushion, that I would dearly love to be curled up against right now with a cup of tea and a magazine - Ha!
Made from a couple of good old op-shop blankets (sorry...I refuse to call it thrifting. It'll always be op-shopping for me) and some orchid-print linen from an upholstery shop. Buttons courtesy of an excess of purchasing at the Karen Walker fabric sale.

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