Thursday, March 5, 2009

Quilty goodness

To make it look like I actually make more than one thing every 6 months or so, I thought I'd kick off this blog with a few things I made ages ago. Tricky, huh.
Anyway, this is a quilt I made for my eldest; the second quilt I've made (might post the other one later if I run out of other things to talk about ;-) . I learned a lot making this quilt, and while it's bright and cheerful and my son loves it, it's not a fabric combo I'd choose again in a hurry. I had to sew muted colours for quite a while after this just to give my eyes a bit of a break.
So...the quilting in the ditch is wonky (aka not in the ditch but just vaguely in the vicinitiy of it); Mr nearly 2 has drawn on it in places with felt pen; some of the binding is coming undone and I may or may not ever get around to fixing it. Also: note to self: tighten the screw on the measuring bit that you poke into the presser foot when you're grid quilting or else it'll move, give you wonky lines and you'll have to unpick a really long line of stitching. Immense sewing rage will ensue.

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