Sunday, March 22, 2009

Half circle skirt

IMG_5430, originally uploaded by JenNZL.

Gotta love a skirt that fits even if you've eaten too many pies the day before, right? I made this half-circle wrap skirt from a cotton voile from Spotlight (a shop with which I have a love/hate relationship) and it's had heaps of wear this summer.
I started following the directions in the "Sew What: Skirts" book, then quickly abandoned that when I realised that the maths that they provided didn't work at all (or it did, if you were a person half the size of your measurements, IYKWIM.) So, good old pi and high school maths was dusted off from the far reaches of my brain (it was pretty dusty. I needed a lot of reminders of which equations to use, which was a little embarrassing) and the skirt came together really quickly. It's got a temporary overlocked hem, again because I couldn't find the manual for my overlocker to do a rolled hem. Will be definitely making another one...I'm trying to decide if it would work in a more winter-weight fabric, or if it wouldn't end up draping all that well. Thoughts?


  1. I take it back about craft rage. I am sewing my silk chiffon top. I'm sure you can hear the cussing from over the road.

  2. actually, i reckon it might drape even better in winter fabric though I'm sure you'll have to leave it to hang because the fabric weight may pull it out of alignment

    rolled hem, done on 3 needles:

    right needle 4,
    top looper, 4
    bottom looper 6.75
    stitch length 1.25,
    stitch width: medium to wide (wide for bias)

    now you don't have to find your manual

    MAS x

  3. oh I love that. Love/hate relationship with spottie here too (mostly hate)