Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On the bandwagon

I have a looong list of stuff I want to make. Every time I visit a new blog, I add to my list. My list is starting to stress me out, which kind of defeats the purpose of "craft-as-meditation", right?

Anyway, many moons ago, I admired the whole pencil roll/needle roll thing that seems to appear on every second blog. I added "Pencil roll" and "needle roll" to my list. And, astoundingly for me, I actually did something about it and made one of each. Sadly, not for myself (my knitting needles reside in a kid's shoe box and a holey snap lock bag); but for a friend who'd just had her second baby. I figured since she'd done all the work, she should get the best present ;-) In the spirit of not-making-anyone-feel-stink, though, I also made something for the older brother. Oh, and the baby. But cos I'm a slow crafter, I'm saving the needle roll and baby clothes for another slow news day ;-)
Here's the pencil roll, at any rate. Pretty much another instant gratification project, and all from stash, which adds a nice virtuous shine to the crafting experience. I also made him a little drawstring bag for all his boy stuff. A trainee "man-bag", if you will.


  1. Oh, me too, me too, meeee tooooo. I have a stupidly long list of craft items to make and the needle roll has been on it forever. If I had a nice needle roll it might stop me buying knitting needles every time I go to the junk shop, as I never know what I have already and just buy the ones that look nice!

  2. In the spirt of you not wanting to leave anyone out, and finding time to sew for others, can I have one of your unbelievably adorable blanket bags?

    No? oh well, it was worth a crack. I just love love love it.