Friday, March 6, 2009

The "I'm a crazy hippy" pants

IMG_4049, originally uploaded by JenNZL.

While we're on the subject of craft that makes your eyes ache, I thought I'd share this pair of longies that I knit for my youngest son a few months ago. They're from this pattern, and are knit in the older (and far nicer) version of Tekapo Summertime. I used 4.5mm needles, rather than my usual 4mm, purely out of laziness as I thought that a looser gauge would make them knit up faster. most things, lazy isn't really the answer, since they're now baggy and saggy. Anyway, they do the job, which is of course the most glamorous task of stopping night-time cloth nappies from asphyxiating all humans and animals in the vicinity with the noxious smell of ammonia. And also saving me from making his bed so often, thus freeing up more time for craft. See, always thinking. ;-)

ETA....eek! Not sure why that photo is so big - I'm just sorting out the flickr thing. Ah well, at least you can see in glorious detail the dodgy bit between the stitches where my magic loop technique leaves a lot to be desired ;-)


  1. way hey, looking good! photos look great, text is very engaging.. it's great!

    now excuse me while I just go over and add you to my list of favourites

  2. Older and far nicer Tekapo indeed. Stink they stopped making that shade :(