Wednesday, July 8, 2009

For the canals of Venice and the streets of Paris.


I made this quick half circle wrap around skirt for my Mum, as a birthday present (somewhat belated...sorry Mum) and as something new and fresh to take away with her on a trip to Venice & Paris. Oh how I wish it were seems like such a ridiculously long time ago, pre-children, when my husband and I were in those places. Ahhh.... I was 5 months pregnant travelling through Venice. Wow. Aeons ago.

Anyway. Less misty-eyed nostalgia; more sewing. Ahem. Not much to say, really - this was so quick and easy to sew up it's ridiculous, and the perfect sort of skirt to sew for someone else because it fits no matter what. Half circle, bit of a waistband, buttonhole (don't be a muppet like me and accidentally run the buttonhole off the waistband and into the unreinforced skirt bit, though, cos you'll have to do the old "patch it up with a bit of interfacing and hope for the best" trick.) Rolled hem on the overlocker (I found the manual, finally ;-) )

The fabric is some cotton voile stuff from the dreaded Spotlight and that's pretty much all there is to it.

In other news, my machine has just been taken back for its second visit to the technician. It unfortunately came back from a service with a whole lot of problems that it never had before the service (bobbin thread breaking; needle position out of whack) so I had to take it back. Fingers crossed it's all good when I get it back or I might be in the market for a new Mr. Fixit. I've got a nearly-finished pair of Vogue A&O pants that I really want to wear, so I'm hoping it's soon.


  1. It is very nice. She'll love it.

  2. Yes verrry nice, lucky mum. Hope sewing machine is feeling better soon!

  3. Pretty! (I nearly couldn't see the skirt for the veil of green over my eyes over the trip though!)

  4. Dreaded spotlight, yes, it's a love-hate relationship for me, too. The skirt looks so summery and lovely. Isn't it a funny feeling sewing summery things in winter? I have very seasonal craft tendencies.

  5. The fabric is GREAT! I never, never see anything good when I go to MY Spotlight. I find the only things I can get there that are consistently OK are ginghams and the odd corduroy.
    Anyway, hope your machine gets back to you soon. Can't wait to see your A+O pants- I'm wondering if they're the same pattern I made awhile ago.