Friday, July 3, 2009

Blame it on the boogie (and the riesling)


Technically speaking, I probably should say "Courtesy of the Boogie" but since the King of Pop doesn't have such a song in his oeuvre (and I can't say I blame him) I'm sticking with my original title. Which means, in a roundabout kinda way, that thanks to a couple of late nights sewing whilst nostalgically rocking out to old-school Michael Jackson, glass of riesling in hand, I have finally. Finished. The. Nappies. Actually, that's not entirely true. Me, Michael and the riesling did spend a couple of very long nights with the nappies, but I also had a full day when Mum watched the kids and I sewed like a maniac to finish them. Productive times....can't say I ever want to be a machinist - I could hardly see nor straighten my arms afterwards, but it was great to just be able to get stuck in to get them finished.

I can hardly believe that they're no longer on the "must sew before doing fun stuff" list. That list is totally gone. I am a free woman, sewing-wise, no longer bound to the shackles of PUL and resin snaps.

Anyway, suffice to say, I'm pretty happy they're done - all 24 of them. 10 have already made their way to the UK; these 14 will be winging their way there (via a brief sojourn in Venice and Paris) this time tomorrow.
Just in case anyone's interested in making nappies, the pattern I used is found here, and all fabrics and gadgets I used (PUL, microfleece, lastin, resin snaps and snap press) are all found here. The pattern is one of the newborn ones, sized up to a small, and tweaked slightly to fit my chubby babies - I'm hoping it'll fit my twin nieces for a decent length of time.

Sigh. Many fun sewing times have been had to the sound of a bit of good ol' Michael Jackson. I sew so much better with a good bit of music in the background, and it's funny how evocative some songs are. I still have really vivid memories every time I put on a particular Prince album that I played a lot while making my wedding dress...I can exactly picture crawling all over our hard wooden floors in our old flat in Melbourne, cutting out the huge skirt, whilst watching the Melbourne cup on TV. Weird.
So...what music keeps you stitchin? Anything in particular?


  1. I take my hat off to you - I do not have the patience to make nappies - no way am I making enough nappies for twins! I bought them so I had some time for fun stuff.

    I have fond memories of beading my wedding dress (25 beaded roses, each of which took four hours to complete, plus 10 smaller ones taking one and a half hours) while listening to a Finn Brothers compilation, and the accompanying covers by female artists compilation (I think it was called "She Will Have Her Way") which my husband had just given me for Christmas. That and a LOT of David Gray.

  2. well done, they look so professional. I'm glad you've got time now for some "me" sewing. The best, and in my opinion, the only kind.

  3. gorgeous! So, I wondered last time you mentioned sewing nappies if there was a TNN connection , are you on the forum....

  4. Holy moly! That's some hard out sewing! They look great too. I've slipped a few MJ songs on lately but my music playlist varies so often. Usually it contains more than a few songs I don't wish people to know I like!

  5. My goodness, they look just like the bought ones. I am in awe of your patience and perseverence in churning these nappies out!