Monday, April 13, 2009

Roll on summer...


I cut this top out many months ago, and finally got around to finishing it just as the weather is turning a bit chillier. Having said that, though, there are still some fantastic clear, sunny autumn days, so I have been wearing it a bit. I really like the style - the placement of the gathers is good for the small busted among us, and the shape of the yoke and straps is a pretty good foil for my square shoulders, I reckon. Apologies for the crapness of the's 5 pm on an autumn evening, so the light isn't great and you can probably see the goose bumps on my arms.

The pattern is Kwik Sew 3575, and I think from memory I cut a small (or maybe an XS). As hilariously ugly as some of their styles are, I do quite like sewing from Kwik Sew patterns - the instructions are really clear and the solid paper pattern pieces are sturdy.
This top was a pretty straight-forward project, although the construction of the neckline was a bit fiddly in places. The pattern calls for a back zipper, but there's no way (at least on me) that it's necessary - the top slips on quite easily without it.
The pattern has the belt stitched to the front waistline, which is gathered in place before you attach the belt. I had decided to keep the belt loose, since I quite like the top tucked in as well as belted, so planned on just hand-stitching some belt loops into the side seams using matching embroidery floss. Unfortunately, however, I buggered up the belt by deciding to try to rip a section off the last scrap of fabric I had. I'd thought it would rip straight, but it ended up being thick at one end and thin at the other, so here we are. Tucked in it is.
I also had to take in a centimetre or so at the tops of the side seams, as it was a bit gapey. I can't believe I've never realised it before, having always found lazy slacker ways of altering the fit of garments on which I've already attached the facing, but the construction of this one finally alerted me to the fact that I could just fold up the facing and run in both the facing and the side seam in one pass, then fold it back down again. Duh.

The fabric is another Geoff's Emporium cheapy - in fact, I think I intended this to be a wearable muslin but I quite like it as it is. I might sew the dress version for next summer, though.

Next up: I have my eye on a BWOF pattern...just have to get brave enough to trace it off.


  1. Hey that's very snazzy for a Geoff's - maaate bargain there.

    Looks great, goosebumps and all.. I've traced myself several BWOF patterns and actually, once you get used to it, it's no big deal. It's just the getting used to, which is more of a mental battle than anything else..,.

  2. I like the top. What pattern are you using for the three-quarter sleeved tunics?

  3. Very nice. I bought some plain long sleeved tops for winter and I'm just layering them with my pretty summer tops. I like the neckline on this one :)

  4. Hi Gail,

    The pattern for the 3/4 sleeve tops is Simplicity 3835, not 8385 like I had originally mis-typed...sorry!



  5. such a nice top! Pretty fabric and a nice pattern - hurrah!

  6. I love that neckline, I've seen it around a few blogs and I wish wish wish I could pull it off myself.
    Great fabric too!

  7. Ooo... like this top. I made one over the summer with a similar kind of neckline but it just gaped and gave the boys in my class way too much to perve at. This one looks much more fitted. Pretty fabric too.

  8. Thats a great top! I really love the fabric, it gives it such a summery look.