Monday, August 17, 2009

Simplicity 3692


I recently discovered a new (to me, at any rate) fabric shop, only about 10 minutes drive from where I live. They mostly specialise in hand-painted silks and velvets, which are of course wildly inappropriate for standard mum-wear. Anyway, I decided to pay them a visit one day since they had a 50% off pattern sale, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that as well as the silks (which are beautiful, if perhaps a little bright for my personal taste) they are also starting to stock a variety of other natural fibre and organic fabrics. The colour range isn't huge at this stage, but I ended up buying some beautiful avocado-green bamboo knit. The fabric has a lovely drape, feels amazingly soft against the skin, has a four-way stretch so has really good recovery, and is just generally pretty darn cool. The sustainability factor of bamboo fits well with my inner Green Party voter, too ;-)
It sat on my shelf for ages waiting for the right pattern, one that wasn't fitted but would show of the drape of the fabric. I ended up deciding on Simplicity 3692, and I'm really pleased I did. The gathers and the sleeve shape really show off the fabric, and it's immensely comfortable to wear.
I toyed with the idea of elasticating the bottom edge, like in the sleeveless version, but in the end, laziness and the desire to be finished won, so I just hemmed it instead. I like it tucked in, and left out, and also worn with a belt (which I didn't get a picture of.)

All in all, a success, I long as I don't wear it with a brown belt or brown boots...cos then I end up looking like a wood elf, according to my Lord of the Rings-obsessed four year old.


  1. It does look fabulous with the belt too, I can personally verify that. While I was flicking through New Look I saw a very similarly designed top. I thought about it, and then I thought, "na, if it looks good on you, it'll look bad on me."

    Feels like a pretty safe rule of thumb.

  2. What a perfect match of pattern and fabric. It looks like it would be beautiful to wear.

  3. Love the colour. I am really liking that style where its sort of gathered over the top of the breastage area (not sure what the technical term is ) - very pretty

  4. That fabric looks beautifully soft and drapey. It must be a dream to wear.

  5. The top looks great- I love that sleeve on it too, it's such a nice length.